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Beware of The Tao Bums Forum- Misleading Taoism Information

Tao Bums ForumBeware of these so-called Taoism Forum that are mislead and can even be dangerous to the public. We have found that there are many forums online ethat talk about Taoism which spreads misleading and even harmful information to the public. Beside the fact that this forum is not even close to ANY Taoism, nor have any Taoist there who can provide you any knowledge, we here warn the public be beware of even HARMFUL information that can cause serious heath problems too!

We have started to post many articles on Taoist Master Blog in the category of "Debunk Tao Bum" to post informative articles for people to read regarding harmful information we found on Tao Bums Forum that you should beware of. Please share the articles and information out to your friends and people you know who are seeking for Taoism knowledge. We suggest, AVOID Tao Bums Forum.

The Problem with Tao Bums Forum

The Tao Bums forum is promoted as a "Taoism Forum", but the forum does NOT really focus on anything Taoism much, and worse - even promotes Buddhism, new age, Buddhist Discussion, Vedanta Discussion, Hermetic and Occult Discussion, Book Film Media Club,
Healing Circle, and so on. You can even find celtic magic talks there, what a mess!

The main forum of "taoist Disscussion" there is also crooked and filled with tons of non-sense and misleading information which the moderators accepts as "Taoist Discussion". The first one we had debunked is even about abstaining from sex, which is crazy irrelavent to Taoism - and even HARMFUL to readers.

We feel that this should be something we must start to debunk and tell people to beware fo this forum if you are seeking for "Taoism" or "Taoist" knowledge. This forum is VERY misleading for Taoism information!

What's even worse is that we have found out that these people who run Tao Bums Forum even agreed that those evil cults we have debunked here such as "Luk Yam Shen Gong" and "Mao Shan Shen Gong" are genuine Taoism and legit sects of Taoism. Which also means that they are sided with the evils, and evil cults.

Therefore, Taoleaks.org now officially publish this page to warn people to AVOID Tao Bums Forum for any Taoism information or Taoist knowledge seeking. Their moderators there are very crooked and dictators like. Read our article on "Tao Bum Forum Bullied Victim of Wilson Yong’s Scam, Threaten to Shut Up" and you shall see what happened to a victim of those scam cults when they spoken out on Tao Bums Forum. It's really disgusting. Remember, to tell your friends, share it out, and spread the warnings!

Important Articles You Should Read

Contributed Articles

We welcome you to contribute your articles to us too! Just e-mail us and let us know what you got! If you are once a victim of being bullied or threatened by the Tao Bums Forum or you have anything you want to say, don't hesitate to send us information just like the victims who did before you! We need more brave voices to speak out!



Taoleaks.org is intended to present you all the perspective of Tin Yat Lineage on what is "Evil Taoism". We only offers an option of knowledge for everyone. We do not intend to "force" people to believe anything. As we always say, "You own all rights to choose your own path.". We do not have the rights to help you choose what to believe in, but we will do our best to present you the wisdom of Tin Yat Lineage Taoism and show you what's not right with paths we classified as "Evil Taoism".